Most Valuable Trademarks of High Tech Companies

The importance of trademarks cannot be understated in this day and age.

Trademarks allow a company to establish brands that communicate, at a glance, their standards and qualities.With competition for popular products at an all-time high, trademarks allow companies to stand out from the crowd and give their potential customers an expectation of the positive attributes of their products and services.

Trademarks increase in value over time as a business grows its reputation for delivering high-quality products and services.The brand itself can become a big part, or even the major part, of the total value of the company.There are a few high tech companies that have created brands that make their trademarks one of their most valuable assets.They are great examples of how important it is to take the necessary steps to protect your trademarks as aggressively as you protect your other forms of intellectual property.


According to a recent article from Forbes, Google has the most valuable trademark portfolio in the world, with a total combined value of $44.3 billion.Given that the mark “Google” has become almost synonymous with the act of online searching, it’s not a huge surprise that this particular trademark is the most valuable in the world.

Developing the technology to deliver pertinent search results from all over the internet in under a second for billions of searches requires many advancements and innovations in software and technology.It also requires continuing attention to trademark protection to make sure that other businesses cannot piggyback on Google’s success or confuse consumers with similar marks to make them think they will be getting products or services authorized or licensed by Google.


The same Forbes article places Microsoft as the second most valuable trademark in the world with a valuation of $42.8 billion.This should not be a huge surprise, as their Windows® operating system still runs on nearly 90% of computers worldwide.Protecting their Windows and Microsoft® brands with trademarks and aggressively pursuing those companies that would pirate their brand has become a continuing part of their business and legal process, and for plenty of obvious reasons.


In a recent report by Interbrand, Amazon is ranked 10th in the world for most valuable brands at $37.9 billion, and they certainly aren’t slowing down.Amazon is expanding their reach into every corner of e-commerce, and also into brick and mortar retail.Trademarks played an important role in Jeff Bezos growing his business from an online bookstore run out of his garage to the largest online retailer in the world.Amazon is continuously focused on protecting and promoting their trademarks and other intellectual property to maintain and grow their brands.

Amazon makes it easier than ever to shop for just about anything online, naturally, their trademarks, copyrights and patents protect their ability to create revenue for the foreseeable future using these innovations.They also allow them to deliver a predictable level of products and services to their customers, as well as help protect them from competitors using their innovations and brand images.

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