Disney’s Soft Robot

Disney Imagineers recognized several years ago that there is a need for robots
that can safely interact with children. With this in mind, they designed a
robot with soft and deformable body parts. To test their design, the Imagineers
prototyped a small toy-sized robot with soft body parts (e.g., a soft skin),
and found that it was effective for playful, physical interaction. The upper
body, including the arms, pelvis, chest, and back, had a number of fluid-filled
body parts or segments, each of which were formed using 3D printing. Each body
part was connected to a pressure sensor to sense contact, and a controller then
operated the robot differently when contact was sensed to provide protection for
the child during the interaction. A complete description can be found in Patent Application Pub. No. 2017/0095925 A1. #disney #robot #patent